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Naruto flashfic April-May

Title: Variations on a Scene:
Requester: YamiKinoko
Author: Dawnsama
Pairings/Characters: Sasuke/Sakura, Sasuke+Sakura in some parts
Genres: Tragedy, Crack/Parody, Alternate Reality (Multiple categories explained in notes)
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 1254
Squicks/Spoilers: some character death, covers manga chapters 306-309
Notes: This is more like a collection of three fanfics, actually. The first section is straight from the manga events and dialogue. The sections that follow incorporate the dialogue of the manga, but Sakura’s actions are altered in variations, resulting in different scenarios. Each section is a different genre, hence the multiple genres listed.

And, many apologies for my horrible lateness! Real life took hold of me at the worst time, and as a result, this fic was kind of rushed. What worse, I actually have a fourth part in the works, but since I'm about to rush off to Hong Kong... I'll have to finish it later. But, I hope you enjoy the parts I have here, YamiKinoko!

Variations on a Scene:

1. The Hard Truth (Original)

“Sakura, huh?”

There it is. That voice, charged with an icy tone that developed through whatever he had been doing through the years, hard as stone.

Sakura slowly follows the voice, and freezes at the figure in shadow. She forces out his name, “Sasuke-kun?” with trembling lip formations and strained jaw movements. Her legs still radiated heat from running, searching through Orochimaru’s maze.

Well, she thought, we found what we’re looking for.

Their object stares at them curiously. Sakura is not sure if she’s surprised or disappointed at his lack of reaction. But then again, what did she expect? Does she really believe that Sasuke would just jump onto their side of the line between good and Orochimaru? If the Sasuke before them is anything like the Sasuke she knew before, would he really dissolve in her arms, weeping at their reunion?

“I merely spared your life on a whim,” he’s saying to Naruto now.

It puts Sakura on her guard. When she feels her hands lock in a defensive stance, Sakura comes to terms with the fact that they’re not bringing Sasuke home today.

Sasuke snakes out a sword, and Sakura immediately shouts, “I’m going to stop you....” and she feels it in her bones that she does not want Sasuke coming home, not now.

She’s grateful that Yamato jumps between Sasuke and her fists, for she doesn’t want to know what would happened otherwise.

2. The Impulsive Choice (Tragedy)

“Sakura, huh? Naruto?”

Something burns in Sakura. This is Sasuke, the face that filled her with daydreams as a naïve girl, and the eyes that haunted her since he left.

“And that’s why I severed them,” he spits.

The burning intensifies. Why does Sasuke dismiss their bonds so?

“I have other bonds to keep,” he continues.

What is this rage, silently building up beneath her pores, under her skin, cursing through her chakra?

“You’re going to end up losing your life, all at a whim of mind,” Sasuke tells Naruto at sword point.

And the boiling anger erupts.

Mostly it’s resentment that drives her limbs toward the pair, the two guys in her life she probably loved best. How dare Sasuke push aside their friendship, right to their faces?! Who is he to mock their efforts in searching for him? Why couldn’t he appreciate their long, hard struggle? Surely it was apparent to him? And threatening to kill Naruto, to top it off?

In any case, Sakura has one thing in her mind: this Sasuke should not return to Konoha, not conscious at least. Maybe he shouldn’t even come home at all.

Sakura throws that last thought out of her mind with a plea for forgiveness. I won’t hit too hard, she promises, as she raises her fists.

It’s too bad that she forgot for one moment that Sasuke had trained during the years of his absence. She runs in with the memory of watching the old Sasuke train with Kakashi, and she prepares herself for the chidori.

Sasuke holds out a hand to receive her, and to her surprise, the chidori shoots out from all five of his fingertips. Even though the streams of lightning are only slim beams of light, all five of them bite through her body, searing down to her heart.

Well, Sakura reflects as she gradually falls to the ground, at least I tried.

3. Unexpected Sides (Crack)

Sai asks Sasuke about bonds, and eventually receives the reply, “And that’s why I severed them.”

Sakura questions the sound waves her ears are transmitting to her brain.

“I have other bonds that I carry…” Sasuke explains. “All my other bonds caused me to lose focus…”

Sakura can’t believe her ears.

“And weakened my strongest wish, my greatest desire,” he finishes.

Okay, this is enough!

“Sasuke!” Sakura screeches. She glows for a moment in her rage, and runs up in the rocky walls.

Why were the rest of her teammates (not including Sasuke of course, for he is classified in Sakura’s mind as a soon-to-be-rejoining teammate) just standing there, in the pit? Sasuke could see their every move! It wasn’t as though the walls were hard to climb. All you needed was a pinch of chakra around your feet, like so, and then you just walk on up! Too bad nobody is watching her superb chakra technique now. Sasuke always drew attention away from her.

Finding a handy rock ledge to perch on, she addresses Sasuke directly, ignoring the frightened cries of her teammates and the reminders that, “Your behavior was probably going against ninja code.”

With a flourish, she jabs her finger in Sasuke’s direction with a point that would have done Naruto proud, if he hadn’t been yelling at her to “Get back down or he’ll hurt you,” (To which Sakura mentally replied, “Hey, who’s the chuunin between us, huh?”)

“How dare you speak of cutting off your former ties in Konoha!” she yelled.

Sasuke glared at her, unsurprisingly and snarled, “Stupid girl.”

Sakura felt a little better. This was certainly not the first time Sasuke had ever addressed her thus. This kind of abuse was just like the old days! They were making progress. Excellent.

“How dare you interrupt me when I’m about to instigate flashbacks!” he seethed. “These flashbacks are an important of this chapter, you know! How else are the readers going to remember why the hell y’all aren’t leaving me alone?”

“Irrelevant!” Sakura shot back. “Because I’m going to explain just why you shouldn’t sever those bonds!”

“But I already did—”

“First,” she begins, holding out up a finger, “Don’t you remember me, your best female friend?”

“You weren’t my best—”

“Well, check out little Sakura-chan now!” Sakura announces. She strikes a carefully sexy pose, situating her hands strategically behind her neck and at her hip, her buttocks angled at a particularly pleasing angle, and breasts complementing the whole ensemble in their round, firm glory.

There are small gasps from below, and mutterings of, “Okay, this is definitely against ninja code,” but Sakura ignored it. The important part is that Sasuke was looking at her, and, dare she think it, checking her out.

“He is being so out of character now,” somebody below (probably blond and loud) notices.

“Need I come up with a second reason, Sasuke-kun?” Sakura goes on. “Why would you want to break bonds with this magnificence?”

Sasuke shrugs. “I’m not sure why you’re wasting my time in this fashion.”

“But, I mean, come on. Just look at me!”

Sasuke looks again, and sighed.

“Well, for the purposes of cutting this ridiculous conversation, which, on your part, consists more of body gestures than actual well-reasoned arguments, whatever. Take me away. I’ll just kill you later,” he relented.

Naruto rubs his head in confusion as Sasuke and Sakura hop down to meet the rest. Sakura weaves her fingers into Sasuke’s hand and kisses him on the cheek.

“I knew you’d come around,” she exclaims in satisfaction. “Now, how about that date you promised me some years ago?”

“I never promised such a thing,” Sasuke retorts, but that’s okay with Sakura, because he’s obviously just maintaining a gruff exterior and a warm, cuddly interior.

Naruto notices that Sasuke’s other hand, curiously enough, is hitching out his sword partway. It’s a subtle action, but still one to cause Naruto some concern.

Sakura, of course, notices as well. She’s a ninja after all. But, for now, she naively basks in her glory and prepares to drag Sasuke home.
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